Mud Loader

Mud Loader

We are the leading producer and supplier;s of Mud Loader Machines which are specially designed according to the various agricultural and other needs. Mud Loader cuts the Mud with high quality blade which than operated through pulley and belt. It fills the tractor trolley with in 2minutes.

Sheet Size:Length 10 Ft./3.05 M, Width 3.33 Ft./ 1.01 M
Tractor Power: 45 HP
Overall Length: 14.5 Ft./ 4.42 M
Overall Width:3.75 Ft./ 1.14 Overall Height 9.16 Ft. 2.8 M
No. of Gear Box: 1
PTO Speed (RPM) 540/1000
Belt Size: C80
Flat Belt Size: Length 16 Feet/ 4.88 M, Width 1.6 Feet/ 0.50 MRoller Size: Length 23.5”, Dia 7.5”
No. of Roller: 2
No. of Tool Kit: 1 (Piler, Spanner, Screw Driver)
Fuel Consumption: 3 Ltrs. / Acre
Loading Capacity: 1 Trolley/2 minute
Chassis Channel Thickness: 5”
Side Channel Thickness: 3”
Pulley: 14” 3C, 10” 3C
Geaer Pulley: 8” 2C

Note: Specifications can be changed without prior notice.Advantage of Combine Harvestor

Advantage of Mud Loader
- Loading tractor trolley in two minute.
- Capacity to cut hard mud.
- Cutting mud in the same level.
- Used high quality cutting blades.
- Low fuel consumption.
- Approved by Ministry of Agriculture Govt. of India.