Straw Reaper

Straw Reaper

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of quality Straw Reaper which are excellent in performance and is listed at the top among the most overruling Straw Reaper manufacturers in India.

It is desgined to cut straw in small pieces and to collect the left out grains during harvesting. Straw Reaper as well as our whole product range is Tested and approved by Ministry of Agricture, Govt. of India.

Length of Reaper: 102”
Size: 57”
Net Size (SENDICA): 14.28 MM
Net Size: 9.53 MM
No. of Finger : 15
PTO Speed: 540
Pully Size(Gear): DIA 16” 3C
Pully Size (Thresher): Dia 10” 3C
PTO Speed (RPM): 1000
Pully size (Gear): Dia 10” 3C
Pully Size (Thresher) Dia 11” 3C
No. of Blades in Thresher: 288
No. of JackL 3 (1 front, 2 rear Side)
Power Required: 50 HP
Tool Kit: 2 (Screw Driver, Spanner, Plier)
Fuel Consumption: 3.15-5 LTR/ Trolley
Tray Emptying System: Lever Type
Dia of Thresher Drum: 31”/838.2MM
Length of Cutter Bar: 7.5 Feet/ 2.28 M
No. of Cutting Blase: 30
Weight: 1900 KG
Straw Recovery: upto 92.9%
Basket Blase: 35

Note: As our policy is continuos development due to that specifications and performance can be changed without any prior notice.

Advantage of Combine Harvestor
- Use special grain tray.
- Used special heavy gear box.
- Machine is fully belt operated.
- Cutting height is adjustable
- All spare parts easily interchangeable.
- Machine fills the trolley in a short time.
- Driver has a control of pebble tray system.
- 25% low fuel consumption according to customers than other reaper.
- Its components are optimally matched to make
efficient use of tractor power & save fuel.